Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Breakfast on Bed

tossing and turning makes my appetite get stronger
anticipating when will the light of the sun touch our faces

i can't wait much longer

now, our bodies touching, can't get enough
i wan't you to love me

i can't wait for you to wake up
i have to satiate my needs
i need you to love me

as the sun touches our faces
only one thing pops on my mind
breakfast on bed

feels so right

you might still be groggy but i swear it's worth it
im so hungry for you
taste me, as i taste you

eventhough we made love all night
i just can't get enough
i wanna have another taste of your honey dripping
as my juices start flow
wan't you to stay inside

iloveyou pa
just remembered my stay there
for how long ive been missing yo


i can be with you


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