Saturday, August 7, 2010

the GAME part 3

his cousin from Mindanao came
he asked if he could to go to boracay and go home before dark
i was okay with it


that night, he texted me that his cousin is asking to stay there for the night
i was okay with it...again
that they will be going back to roxas in the morning


that morning is our ring hop
after the ring hop
ive been trying to text him
how he is
have he arrived home
no reply
i waited
im feeling anxious already why he haven't texted me
i decided to open my facebook account and he has a message for me

" baby, we're on our way home"
the message was sent at around 4 pm
its already 8pm but why is it that i haven't heard from him still
my heart is pounding
did something happened to him?
is he okay?
i said to myself
"sigh...he has fallen asleep again after eating a lot i suppose"
trying to make me feel better
trying to deny that maybe, maybe something might have happened
i slept.. ... .

i woke up at around 12md
i checked my phone and there was no text
heart rate began to travel at the speed of light
BP rising
respiration is deep and shallow
began to cuddle cricx
trying to be calm

i then decided to check my facebook account again if he is online
no Topeh was found
instead i caught his neighbor, his friend online
i chatted her asking where is he..asking to check if he's at home already
asking her to call their landline


i decided to text his mom
hours of waiting for the reply
and at around 6am
i received his mom's text

"they havent arrived yet, they're still at boracay"

i was crushed
after all these time that ive been worrying about him
where is he?
is he thinking about me?
does he care?

he's out there partying, enjoying and at the very comfort of what the sea can offer
nice food
beautiful bodies
luxurious hotels
and loud, fun, party songs

u confronted him
he tried to reason out
i broke out
i just control the tears rolling down my cheeks
i was hurt badly
i tried to break up with him
i swore that i won't call or text but i still did
been texting him still
even if he is not replying
he reasoned out that he doesn't have load
 "lame excuse, you can even walk from station 3 to station 1 to enjoy but you cant walk to have your phone reloaded?" i said to him

he wen't here the day after
we talked
"gago ka! i miss you
and i love you so" i said to him

we talked
we made out
we're okay again

love is indeed a dangerous game cause sometimes eventhough you think you're winning, you can still end up being a loser

despite all the heart aches
all the misunderstandings
all the shortcomings
i understood him
i gave him a chance
not that because im a martyr

but because in him

i found my  HOME


  1. cheers to the both of you :)

    btw, same kayo ng blogging style ha. ang tamis talaga. lol :)

  2. awww. ikaw ba ang bf ni toffer? hahaha. i agree with nimmy, pareho nga kayo ng istilo.

  3. @nimmy thanks nimmy
    @ficklecattle oo ako nga ang lover ni toffer