Friday, August 6, 2010


almost 2 agonizing months that we tried to hide what's between us...

firstly, i am still committed with someone, someone who has a borderline personality or bi-polar.

second is that my family is so attached to my ex boyfriend

third is, i just don't have enough guts to face my ex and tell him that i can't be with him anymore

im scared

so scared that he'll threaten me that he'll commit suicide in front of our gate

scared that i will be blamed for whatever will happen to him

scared that ill be alone, that if the relationship with my other man, my loved one won't work 


now that everything is fine, i again brought him home

introduced him to the whole family

he is now welcomed with great smiles


a year and 2 months passed, we're still together, happy, very much in love

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